Resources for the Applied Cyber club

This page contains links to helpful or educational resources relating to the club or cybersecurity in general. Here you can find links to previous workshops and events, code and projects maintained by the club, and any general resources helpful for learning about computer security.

Club Resources

Our GitHub page contains public code and projects written by the club. Any contributions are welcome!

Our Workshop Resources page contains slides, recordings, and other resources for various talks and presentations.

If you are affiliated with Stanford, you can access some additional Internal Workshop Resources.

Join our Slack to discuss club events and computer security in general!

Stanford Resources

Stanford Cyber Initiative Events list covers a broad range of cyber topics:

Stanford Security Seminar Series (led by Professor Boneh):

EE380, Computer Systems Colloquium:

CS 155 is a Stanford introductory computer security course, giving a good overview of modern vulnerabilities.

General Resources

This section contains a number of links to general computer security resources. Note that the Applied Cyber club is not affiliated with the following links, and although many members have used these resources without issue, we cannot guarantee that they are correct or safe. Use at your own risk!

CTFTime is a website that details upcoming CTF competitions.

HackCenter is a CTF-style practice site. Currently, it only contains activities from the Enigma 2017 CTF event.

Exploit Exercises is a good website for practicing exploit development, reverse engineering, and other computer security skills.

Corelan's Exploit Writing Tutorials are another good resource for exploit development, especially on Windows.


Brian Krebs on Security:

Bruce Schneier on Security:


Twitter feeds: