How to Get Involved

Join our Slack and Mailing List!


Mailing list: 


First things first: Join our Slack! Our Slack group has the most up-to-date information about the club, including meeting notes, current projects, competitions, social events, and more!


  • Due to some recent changes to the Stanford Slack workspace, you can now only sign up automatically using an or email address. If you don't have an email address following either of those two formats, please email with your Stanford email address, and we will add you to the Slack.
  • Unfortunately, we aren’t able to add non-Stanford affiliates to the Slack at this time. However, feel free to join the mailing list, where we’ll be advertising any external events related to Applied Cyber and occasional club announcements.

Once you're on the Slack, feel free to add yourselves to any of the following channels:

  • Projects:
    • #projects - general updates related to all projects
    • #keycard - Stanford RFID/keycard project
    • #iot-hacking - IoT hacking project
    • #malware-reversal - malware reversal project
    • #metasploit - project for writing a Metasploit module
    • #web-scanner - project for building a better web scanner
  • Competitions:
    • #competitions-2022 - start here for competition info
    • #ccdc - Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition updates
    • #cptc - Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition updates
    • #ctf - Capture the Flag updates
  • Women in Applied Cyber (WAC)
    • #wac-public
  • External communications team
    • Private channel - please message the External Communications Lead to be added to the channel

Other channels:

  • #policy
  • #speaker-suggestions
  • #workshop-suggestions
  • #defcon*


Joined the Slack but want to learn more? Check out some of the following links: