Stanford Applied Cyber

Welcome to the Stanford Applied Cyber Student Group!

Applied Cyber is focused on teaching students practical skills in analyzing, exploiting, and defending computer systems. The club hosts a number of events and workshops open to the general Stanford community, and range from introductory to more technical. Upcoming and previous events can be found at our Events page. We also have a number of recorded events, along with general resources for cybersecurity, at our Resources page. 

In addition to our workshops, the club also runs a number of internal teams and projects. We have a group working on various Development and Reversing projects, focusing on more technical analysis and development skills. Finally, the club has several competition teams, including a Capture the Flag (CTF) team and a team focused on Red Team/Blue Team competitions.

Welcome back to Autumn Quarter 2023!


Weekly meetings are Friday from 4-5pm in Shriram 366 (unless otherwise noted), please check Slack #general channel for updates.

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